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Shabir Mustehsan has a decade of experience in the technology, product management, and cyclical ecommerce. As the founder of Seriously agile and Seriously Business, Shabir has led mulitple enterprise and entrepreneurial initiatives. He specifically coaches teams in enterprise leadership, agile coaching, ecommerce business development and marketing distribution.

Mustehsan is a degree holder from University at Buffalo. Currently, Shabir is a SAFe Practice trainer having trained and coached over 100 professionals in the management space through Seriously Agile, LLC. His experience in the agile space comes from a broad range of industries including Bosch, Highmark health, M&T Bank, Philips Healthcare, The U.S Federal Government, Volkswagen, Anthem Inc, Deloitte and Verizon 5G – Shabir has driven value across hundreds of teams responsible for over $100M in enterprise budgets.

Having a big interest in entrepreneurial work and financial literacy, Shabir also created Seriously Business, a sister entity to Seriously Agile – an end-to-end entrepreneurial incubator specializing in cyclical revenue strategies with select e-commerce brands while coaching financial literacy. The company continues to grow across North America as the ultimate self-paced hustle coaching program that has already added value to over 100 partners worldwide.

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